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Schneider Altivar

Schneider Electric, with its leading Altivar line of Variable Speed Drive, had launched a series of Easy Line which is ‘just enough’ for the simple application. In times of rising cost, the Easy Line will be perfect for those who in need of a quality products without overpaying for unneccessary functions and fancy features.


– Dedicated drives for pumps & fans from 0.75 to 160 kW

– Particularly suitable for applications involving industrial machines, the Altivar Easy 310 variable speed drive is a frequency inverter for three-phase 380…460 V asynchronous motors rated from 0.37 kW/0.5 HP to 11 kW/15 HP

– Variable Speed Drives for commercial equipment from 0.18 to 4 kW. Variable speed drives for commercial equipment and small machines with three-phase 240 V 0.18 to 4 kW asynchronous motor

– Soft Starter for asynchronous motor, Altistart 48, 42A, 230..415V, 9..45kW