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General purpose valves

Known for long life and reliability, these valves are highly configurable and adapt to a broad range of applications.


Asco Image 02 ASCO™ 210 2-Way Solenoid Valves

The ASCO Series 210, also known as 8210, is a line of economical, high-flow general service solenoid valves for liquid, corrosive, and air/inert gas service. With a wide range of pressure ratings, sizes, and resilient materials, the ultra-reliable 2-way solenoid valves provide long service life and low internal leakage. Industrial applications include car wash equipment, air compressors, pumps, laundry equipment, and industrial water control.

Asco Image 03 ASCO™ 290 Angle-Body Piston Valve

The ASCO Series 290, also known as 8290, is a pressure-operated, direct-acting angle-body piston solenoid valve built for demanding applications. Its straight-through body design is available in bronze or stainless steel. The valve is suitable for general service applications (air, inert gas, water, oil, and light slurries), plus steam, hot water, and auxiliary fluids within the food and beverage industry. Many optional features are available including a visual/electrical position indicator or a stroke limiter.

Asco Image 04 ASCO™ 551 Solenoid Spool Valve

ASCO Series 551, also known as 8551, is a line of 1/4″ 3-way and 4-way compact solenoid spool valves that are ideal for controlling air or inert gas in challenging environments. The valves’ unique design combines hard T-seals and flexible O-rings that provide bubble-tight shutoff, dirt resistance, and multi-million cycle reliability. The 551 Series comes in anodized aluminum, brass, and stainless steel bodies with ¼-inch NPT and BSP connections. It is suitable for the harsh conditions found in chemicals, refining, food & beverage applications and life science processing.

Asco Image 05 ASCO™ 314 Direct-Acting Solenoid Valves

ASCO Series 314, also known as 8314, is a line of direct-acting general service solenoid valves which can be used as moderate flow pilots for smaller control valves and actuators. With only a spring and two moving parts, the valve is ideal for basic three-way piloting operation It is suitable for analytical and diagnostic equipment, automotive, bottling, dust collector system, and life science applications.

Asco Image 06 ASCO™ 320 3-Way Solenoid Valves

ASCO Series 320, also known as 8320, are general service solenoid valves designed for a broad range of applications. The direct-acting valves are available in voltage-ranging, harsh-environment, direct-mount, dribble-control, and long-life constructions. They are suitable for use in analytical and diagnostic equipment, dust collector systems, life sciences, and press room and metal stamping.

Asco Image 07 ASCO™ 215 High-Flow Gas Shut Off Valves

ASCO Series 215, also known as 8215, is an aluminum body, lightweight gas safety shut off valve for high flow, low-pressure air or gas service.  The pilot operated construction works from zero pressure differential with resilient soft seating for tight shut off. Optional long-life design eliminates metal-to-metal contact to extend life up to 20 million cycles. The 215 Series is ideal for vacuum service and heating equipment applications.

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ASCO™ 238 Pilot General Service Solenoid Valves

ASCO Series 238, also known as 8238, is a line of general service valves designed to handle air, inert gas, water, and light oil. The 2-way pilot-operated solenoid valve’s compact construction saves space, reduces installation time, and simplifies service while its short stroke increases cycle life. The 238 Series is suitable for air ride suspension systems, commercial kitchen and laundry equipment, packaging, and water and wastewater systems


Asco Image 09 ASCO™ Series 531 Solenoid Spool Valve

ASCO Series 531,”NAMUR” style spool valve comes with threaded port connection and Namur interface, while the “THREADED” style spool valve comes with threaded port connection • All the exhaust ports of this spool valve are connectable, providing better environmental protection, particularly recommended for sensitive areas such as clean rooms as well as applications in the pharmaceutical and food processing sectors • The valve offers environmental protection against the ingress of liquids, dust or any other foreign matters.



Pilot Valves

Pilot valves are essential to the control of pressure in high-capacity flow applications, including hazardous environments. ASCO wide range of pilot solenoid valves includes series that are compact and designed for operation in remote or hazardous conditions. They control flow in many process-control applications and range from general-purpose to specialized series that feature quick-exhaust, redundant controls, tamper-proof, and other specialized functions.


Asco Image 10 ASCO™ 110 Pilot Valve Box

ASCO Series 110 is a line of compact pilot boxes that contain two to twelve direct operated, integrated pilot valves. The boxes are specially designed for the remote control of pulse valves (ASCO Series 353) used in dust collector applications.

Asco Image 11 ASCO™ 362 3-Way Spool Valves

ASCO Series 362, also known as 8362, 3-way 2-position spool valves are designed for valve piloting in the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas markets. The valves incorporate ASCO´s proven solenoid technology for unequaled reliability in mission-critical applications. The Series 362 is a three-way valve made for single-acting process valve applications. It is available in 1/4-inch through 1-inch, brass and 316L stainless steel constructions for corrosion resistance in harsh environments.


Combustion Valves

Main and pilot safety shutoff and vent valves to control burner operations in critical applications.


Asco Image 12 ASCO™ 214 High-Flow Gas Shut Off Solenoid Valves

ASCO Series 214, also known as 8214, high-flow, low-pressure (5 psi) gas safety shutoff valves are specifically designed for on-off control of fuel gas in commercial and industrial gas burners. Their unique double-disc design with over travel provides redundant sealing for leak-tight shutoff on pilot or main gas lines. A double-solenoid gas train provides an exceptionally small footprint for space constrained applications. The valves are ideal for natural gas fired boilers, furnaces, grain dryers, kilns, gas generators and commercial kitchen/cooking equipment.



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ASCO™ 040 Gas Safety Shut Off Solenoid Valves

The ASCO Series 040, also known as 8040, are highly reliable compact gas safety shutoff solenoid valves for pilot or main control of commercial and industrial gas burners found in generators, heating equipment, and ovens. The valves are designed with 2-way, normally closed operation and are provided with 1/8-inch NPT upstream and downstream pipe taps with plugs for routine testing.





Explosion Proof Valves

Explosion-proof solenoid valves are engineered to function in hazardous areas. ASCO’s explosion-proof valves are designed to contain explosions in an encapsulated solution without causing external hazard. Built to support safe operation in challenging environments, the ASCO valves’ designs provide safety and

reliability. Many valves are certified according to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) requirements, as well as certifications covering main areas of the world.


Asco Image 14 ASCO™ 223 High-Pressure Solenoid Valve

ASCO Series 223 is a solenoid pilot-operated valve designed for high-pressure applications. The rugged valve has a unique stainless steel piston construction built to withstand high-flow pressures up to 100 bar

Asco Image 15 ASCO™ 040 Gas Safety Shut Off Solenoid Valves

The ASCO Series 040, also known as 8040, are highly reliable compact gas safety shutoff solenoid valves for pilot or main control of commercial and industrial gas burners found in generators, heating equipment, and ovens. The valves are designed with 2-way, normally closed operation and are provided with 1/8-inch NPT upstream and downstream pipe taps with plugs for routine testing.



Hot Water/Steam Valves

Steam and hot water solenoid valves are engineered to control media pressure, flow or temperature in a wide variety of industrial and specialized applications. Their designs can be normally closed, normally opened, pilot-operated, direct-acting or slow-closed depending on the conditions and specifications. ASCO’s steam and hot water solenoid valves come in a broad range of body times and designs to meet the specific needs of your application, whether it serves heavy industry (commercial kitchens, laundries, heating equipment) or delicate, finely calibrated devices (dental sterilizers, benchtop autoclaves, steam sterilizers, bio-medical analyzers).


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ASCO™ 222 High-Temperature Steam Solenoid Valves

ASCO Series 222, also known as 8222, steam solenoid valves are designed for high-temperature applications found in commercial laundry and kitchen equipment, molding, steam atomization sterilizer, and autoclave applications. The pilot-operated valves come with a Y-body floating piston or diaphragm design for durability and reliability.

Asco Image 17 ASCO™ Series 220 Steam and Hot Water Solenoid Valves

ASCO Series 220 steam and hot water valves provides up to 60% more flow than competitive offerings. That means a 3/4-inch valve flow from ASCO equals the competitors 1-inch flow. The Series 220 floating PTFE diaphragm provides positive sealing and improved durability – up to four times longer than other valves. Its threaded bonnet is easy to remove for quick inspection and serviceability reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


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