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The modular sealing system enables individual adaptation to the requirements of the respective application. This means maximum flexibility, optimal scraping, higher performance, and lower costs for maintenance and downtime. Standard for the ITS cylinder series and optional for PRA and TRB series cylinders. Each of the cylinder series features five scraper modules according to ISO 15552. They are available separately with fully installed seals, bushings, and metal scrapers, and can be exchanged at any time, quickly and easily, without removing the cylinder.

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Profile and tie rod cylinders

Whether with tie rods or profiles, made of stainless steel or aluminum – ISO standard cylinders are universally applicable and at home in all sectors, you are free to configure them according to your requirements!

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Rodless Cylinders & Guided Slide Units

The rodless cylinders offer optimized stroke length in a compact size.

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Mini and round cylinders

Ultra-compact integrated power and intelligence. An ever-growing number of applications for tiny all-rounders.

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Mini slides and guide units

Components for moving and positioning. The program offers the right components for a full range of applications.

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Short-stroke and compact cylinders

the short stroke cylinder in accordance with the latest ISO standard 15524. The cylinders are particularly compact and up to 30% lighter than comparable cylinders thanks to weight-optimized profiles and fewer components. In addition, they provide a high degree of flexibility in sensor assembly and extremely effective elastic cushioning.

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Tie Rod Cylinders

The cylinders in the ITS series are always specifically used when extremely large masses are involved that have to be moved efficiently and under control with the familiar ease of operation. Thanks to the versatility of the modular sealing system, the ITS can be optimally adapted to every application.

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Single Valves

The ideal solution for all your applications: the single valves guarantee a flow rate performance of 50 to 13,260 l/min and their specific characteristics make them optimally suited for the most diverse application areas.

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