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Frenic Vg Series


With FRENIC-VG, Fuji Electric has concentrated its technologies to deliver the best-performing inverter on the market. In addition to its basic performance, this model features the following great improvements: support for previously difficult applications due to technical and capability limitations, easier and more user-friendly maintenance, as well as environmental friendliness and safety. The FRENIC-VG Series now proudly introduces the inverter as a unit type as well as a stack type.



  • Powerful: from 0.75 kW to 630 kW in triple rating HD, LD and MD
  • Strong: even though in hard environment such as sulfurizing gas, salty environments, dust, humidity, etc.
  • Flexible: IM (open and closed loop) and PMSM (open* and closed loop) control
  • Torque accuracy: +/- 3%
  • Current loop bandwidth: 2000 Hz
  • Speed control accuracy: +/- 0,005%
  • Speed loop bandwidth: 600 Hz
  • Connected to the world: USB on board, typical field buses and Ethernet based field bus
  • Making safety easier: STO, SS1, SLS, SBC
  • All applications solved: Cranes, rubber, paper, winding, test benches, press, shipboard winch, flying shear, positioning, etc are included
  • Adaptable and versatile: 5 slots for adjusting to the requirements, real  time built in, FULL PLC on board optional, etc.
    *Coming soon

Option cards

Fieldbus Options:

  • PROFIBUS-DP communication card (OPC-VG1-PDP)
  • DeviceNet communication card (OPC-VG1-DEV)
  • T-Link communication card (OPC-VG1-TL)
  • CC-Link communication card (OPC-VG1-CCL)
  • SX bus communication card (OPC-VG1-ESX)
  • Terminal block for high speed communications (OPC-VG1-TBSI)
  • PROFINET-IRT communication card (OPC-VG1-PNET)

Other Options:

  • Synchronized interface (OPC-VG1-SN)
  • Analog input/output interface expansion card (OPC-VG1-AIO)
  • Digital input (OPC-VG1-DI)
  • Digital input (OPC-VG1-DIO)
  • PG interface card / +5V line driver (OPC-VG1-PG)
  • PG interface card / Open collector (OPC-VG1-PGo)
  • PG interface card / ABS encoder with 17-bit high resolution (OPC-VG1-SPGT)
  • PG card for synchronous motor drive / Line driver (OPC-VG1-PMPG)
  • PG card for synchronous motor drive / Open collector (OPC-VG1-PMPGo)
  • User programming card (OPC-VG1-UPAC)
  • Functional safety card (OPC-VG1-SAFE)



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