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YASKAWA ELECTRIC (THAILAND) CO., LTD. is 100% held by Yaskawa Electric Corporation Japan. In 1976, Yaskawa was established in Singapore as a representative office of Yaskawa Electric Corporation. It was the first Yaskawa’s office in southeast Asia. Since it was incorporated in 1991 under the law and regulations of Singapore, Yaskawa Electric (Singapore) Pte Ltd is providing the technology to help manufacturers improve production reliability and productivity through automated control of products and process.

Sigma 5 Drive


Fully digital, networkable amplifiers with modular connection to single-axis controls. 30 watt to 55 kW power range with 100-480 VAC operation.
If the SERVOPACK you need is not listed below, view our other servo amplifiers, which includes legacy products.

Sigma 5 Motor


AC brushless servo motor lines with speeds to 6,000 rpm and torques to 700 Nm (over 6,000 lb-ins).
If the servo motor you need is not listed below, view our other servo motors, which includes legacy products.

Sigma 7 Drive


SERVO Sigma-7 SERVOPACKs are fully digital, networkable servo amplifiers that offer the output needed for precise, high speed actuation of one or two axes of servo motor motion.

Sigma 7 Motor


The Sigma-7 line of AC brushless rotary servo motors covers a full range of load requirement in both small and medium capacities. The advanced technology built into Sigma-7 sets a new industry standard for responsiveness, precision and long-term reliability.

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